Special one describes Chelsea as the weakest team in Europe!

Few hours ago Chelsea won 2-0 against Porto and qualified for the Champions League playoffs, after the match Jose Mourinho claimed that his team is the weakest side to qualify for the knock-out round.

Paris Saint Germain, PSV Eindhoven, Benfica, Juventus, Roma and Gent – one of them will be the Blues potential opposition and despite the fact Chelsea are protected from drawing any of the European giants like Barcelona or Real Madrid, Jose still feels that they have very little chances in the Champions League knock-out phase.

“I think everyone went to play us,I think every second team wants to play us. They don’t want to play Barcelona, they don’t want to play Real Madrid, they don’t want to play Atletico [Madrid], they don’t want to play Bayern [Munich]. I think every team finishing second they want to get us, they want to get Zenit. We are the weakest.” – said Mourinho.

Meanwhile, Bad news for Chelsea fans – Jose Mourinho surrenders title to the rivals!

Source: ibtimes.co.uk

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