Should New York City FC sign Atletico Madrid forward?

Recent reports from our friends at NYCFC Nation raised the possibility of current Atletico Madrid forward Fernando Torres loaned from Ac Milan joining former striking partner and good friend David Villa at NYCFC this summer.

Reports Suggest that Spain International forward had a conversation with Villa about a possible move to the United States, including questions on buying a home and school systems for his children. Torres has been linked with the MLS and China, where he’d become one the highest paid players in the world, but Spanish outletOkDario reported that the US would be his preferred destination and that NYCFC has pushed the hardest for him.

While NYCFC don’t have the international spots or cap space to make a deal now, Torres rumored summer move is possible in several ways. NYCFC can acquire further international spots, or offload an international player, to free a slot for Torres, but there is still the issue of the three DPs, Andrea Pirlo, Frank Lampard, and Villa.

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