The Lions will reunion against Jacksonville Armada FC players

Preparation for Saturday’s match against Jacksonville Armada FC, defender Luke Boden and Head Coach Adrian Heath reminisced about some of the former Lions now playing in Jacksonville. “In the offseason, I’ve been training with Burke and Miguel,” Boden said. “It’ll be good to see them.”

Stopper Miguel Gallardo and defender Bryan Burke now play in the for the Jacksonville Armada FC. But before moving north, they were members of the Orlando City USL team. “We traveled around the country winning games,” Boden said. “We’ll always be close friends.”

Head Coach Heath smiled at the mentioning of Miguel Gallardo. When asked what it would be like seeing him on the other sideline, Coach simply said “It will be great to see him. I love Miguel to bits,” Heath said. “I wish him nothing but the best.”

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