“Has Jurgen Klopp already called you?” – Player quizzed on assumed Liverpool transfer effort

There’s pretty much an assumption in the German sport media that Jurgen Klopp is interested in all the Bundesliga’s best young talents. The Liverpool manager has already looked toward Germany for his recruitment and it’s believed he’ll continue to do that in future windows.

One of the players who has been linked to Liverpool is Jonathan Tah. The 20 year old currently plays for Bayer Leverkusen and has a contract there until June 2020. A right footed central defender, Tah already has three senior caps for Germany, and built up much experience in youth internationals.

German magazine SportBild this week have a feature on the most wanted young talents in the Bundesliga and Tah is the main man in the story.

Liverpool are assumed to be interested and the very first question of the SportBild interview is: “Mr. Tah, has Jurgen Klopp already called you?”

Tah replied: “No, but I already know what you’re getting at.”

SportBild then put it to the defender that Liverpool have him on their list, and Tah responded: “I’m honestly satisfied with Bayer Leverkusen. I don’t want to leave.”

That should probably remain the same way for another season. Tah is getting games and developing, and perhaps needs more experience before the daunting move to the Premier League and all the pressures it can bring.

The rumours of Klopp interest won’t go away, and Tah will likely be questioned on Liverpool again.

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